Audacity 2.2.0 released -- Where to post Erratum?

Mature Mac with OS-X 10.9.5.
I make copies of all DMG installers in a folder called Installers-Keys-Settings.
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 19.03.44.png
2.1.3 will install from right there. 2.2.0 insists on being moved to the desktop and then installing. If I don’t move it, I get an error message.
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 18.51.27.png
It seems to run after I do that. Total experience, 8 minutes.


iMac 27" mid-2011 with OS X 10.11.4

I have no problem opening the 2.2.0 DMG no matter where I store it.

– Bill

Topic moved to the Mac forum so that it is visible to the developers (I’ve raised this on the email list).

I’m on 10.9.5 too.

Tried to recreate from 2.2.0 dmg installer, placed in a folder in my /home.

Works as expected.

Permission problem on your Mac?

Note that permissions on my /home might be non=standard, as I already have a lot of stuff wandering around there, due to homebrew and macports installs…

Anything more on this koz?

A P2 bug has been raised on Bugzilla:

But no fix yet …


I don’t as a rule mess with permissions, but I did make that folder as “me” and I’ve never had troubles launching anything from there including other Audacity Versions. I have more than one machine with that system release. I’ll check.


I think that’s a wave-off.

I know what happened even if I can’t reconstruct the entire performance. All the permissions between the two machines are identical (by actual count). The “Office Machine” (Mini) has a different installer.
Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 18.21.27.png
Note the disk image file size.

I know I can get that by trying to move the “image” file into position before the system is finished downloading, and the completed download (different file) does install, but that doesn’t account for my moving the broken installer to the desktop and having it succeed. It doesn’t this time. Further, the machine objects strongly to me doing anything of the sort.



Thanks for the follow-up Koz. Good to know that it is not an Audacity problem, though I agree it does sound very strange in the detail.

Weird. Could the zero sized files actually be symbolic links and not complete file copies? I don’t think they would appear that way in Finder though.

Koz, could we trouble you to remove 2.2.0 from your system, then repeat the download procedure, watching the file sizes more closely?

Perhaps the problem was a fluke that will not happen again.

I can do that when I get back.

I was surprised you found a second, independent instance of this oddity.

I should also pay attention to the install times and dates. I don’t remember which machine was first.

Sometimes when troubleshooting, I’ll take the problem upside down: If someone wrote me a generous check, how would I intentionally cause this problem. I’m pretty sure I know how I got the first part of this, but not the second.


I think we can relax this one.

When I download the 2.2.0 Disk Image, it looks like this (click the image. It’s tall.)
Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 19.40.53.png
The .PART file is the actual digital download. The .DMG is a pretty placeholder (as far as I can tell). The download activity graphic is a four pixel blue arrow in the top menu bar. I know it’s there and I can’t find it.

I have a relatively neat desktop, but if you don’t, like most of my right-brain creative friends, the .PART could be anywhere in your vast screen leading you to think the zero byte .DMG is the real thing. So pull that over to the local version archive and discover it won’t install.

Meanwhile, the download completes and your desktop looks like this (click the pix)
Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 19.42.17.png
You drag your dud to the desktop. I have my desktop set to snap icons into a neat grid, and that’s not unusual so it would be easy to lose the dud in the forest of other icons. This time when you double click the .DMG file, you’re clicking on the actual installer and the installation goes normally.