audacity 2.1

here is my senario. radio app on a desktop, audacity 2.1, cable set top box with a/v outs. I want to be able to use adacity to record the radio app OR the set top individually. What I need is a switchable INPUT in audacity that allows the desktops out, the radio app to record. OR the set top to record simply switching inputs 1 and 2 similar to an amp or receiver. I do NOT want a mix of both sources. Do I need 2 audio switches with 1 or mor inputs each on and common the 2 outputs to the single line in on the desktop? Advice please.

To record sounds that are playing on your computer, set the device toolbar to record with “host” set for WASAPI and the recording input set to the “loopback” option that matches the playback device. See:
Note that this will record everything that is playing through the selected output device, so it’s a good idea to turn off system sounds so as to avoid “pings” and “beeps” in the recording.

To record from something that is plugged into your computer’s sound card. Select the appropriate recording device in the device toolbar.