Audacity 2.1 Noise Reduction comparison

Using Windows 7 with Audacity vers 2.0 (et al) for several years. I came up with a great Noise Removal setting for VO (Room tone/Noise Floor) in that version and now with the 2.1 vers it does nothing. My settings were as follows. Noise reduction (db): 15 – Sensitivity (db): -6.14 – Frequency smoothing (hz): 150 – Attack/decay time (secs): 0.07 . When using those setting in “reduce” (Attack,decay has been removed) there is no change what so ever. Any ideas as how to get this nice setting to work? Thanks!

Smoothing and Sensitivity are completely different in the new version.
Leave “Smoothing” at 0 and Sensitivity at 6 and adjust “Noise Reduction (dB)” to taste.