Audacity 2.1.3 won't open saved projects with Mac OS 10.12

Hi. I am working with students on a project and I am seeing the same issue many times. Here it is:

ISSUE: A titled, “saved as” .aup with all of its reference files in tact and unmoved, will not open after being saved and closed. I establish a project folder; save and title the project to said folder, import raw audio from the same folder; save; close; and then try to reopen, but the project will not open (if I saved the project file as TEST1, when I try to reopen Audacity simply ignores the project and opens a new blank project (titled Audacity) with no error message – as if TEST1 doesn’t exist.

I have seen this on three occasions today, on 3 different machines, all using Sierra 10.12.

Can anyone advise!?

Many thanks

I read that four times and I still can’t visualize what you’re doing.

Make a show or open an existing one. Save As a different simple show name on your home machine desktop. Close Audacity. Double click the AUP file on the desktop. What happens?


I am working on various student computers, all of which are 10.12 Sierra.
I create a project (save as), import audio, save, close. Reopen and Audacity simply opens a blank project which is not my project (doesn’t have my project title), opens as “Audacity” (this is the title at the top of Audacity interface).

Crazily, if I duplicate the project file and open THAT project (the duplicated project), it will open with the imported audio.

I have uninstalled Audacity and reinstalled and still doesn’t work.

Does the above make sense? Trying to install and use 2.1.3.

Hi Actually! – Beta Audacity 2.2 fixes the problem.

That makes sense, as the problem you describe (double-clicking a AUP file opens an empty project window) is a known bug in 2.1.3 that is fixed in 2.2.0.
– Bill