Audacity 2.1.3 metadata & mouse wheel


L’édition des métadonnées a changé dans Audacity 2.1.3. L’éditeur de métadonnées est maintenant inclus dans les annulations. Est-ce un bug ou est-ce voulu ainsi? Je n’ai rien vu à ce sujet dans les release notes.

Problème de défilement de la piste avec la souris. (Magic mouse)

Jusqu’à présent (Audacity 2.1.1) ça marchait très bien avec Maj. (Shift) et roulette de souris. Avec 2.1.3 le défilement se fait sans “Shift” ce qui est très gênant lorsqu’on fait une sélection (gauche ou droite) et que le doigt bouge un peu sur la souris. Pourtant dans les “Préférences” cette fonction de la souris est toujours indiquée comme suit: >Mouse > any: Scroll waveform: Shift-wheel-rotate (= >Souris >Tout: Scroll waveform: Maj. et roulette de souris.) Comment rétablir cette fonction et empêcher qu’un léger mouvement du doigt sur la souris ne fasse défiler toute la piste. It drives me crazy.

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The edition of the metadata changed in Audacity 2.1.3. The editor of metadata is now included in Edit > undo. Is this a bug or is this thus desired? I did not see anything on this subject in the release notes.

Problem of scrolling in the track with the mouse. (Magic mouse)

Until now (Audacity 2.1.1) it worked very well with Maj. (Shift”) and mouse wheel. With 2.1.3 scrolling works without “Shift” what is very awkward when one makes a selection (left or right) and that the finger moves a little on the mouse. However in the “Preferences” this function of the mouse is always indicated as follows: >Mouse > any: Scroll waveform: Shift-wheel-rotate. How to restore this function and to prevent that a light movement of the finger on the mouse does not make scroll all the track. It drives me crazy.

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It is intentional.

Are you still using Mavericks? There are many complaints on the internet about Magic Mouse being too sensitive on Mavericks. Apple respond thus:

Engineering has determined that this is not to be fixed based on the following information:

This was tuned for over two years upon release of Magic Mouse. It’s not absolutely perfect but no further tuning has been fruitful.

I see fewer complaints for later versions of macOS so you could try upgrading your Mac.

You could try scrolling without inertia: This means the screen stops scrolling as soon as you stop moving your finger, rather than continuing afterwards.

Otherwise, please go back to 2.1.1 (or 2.1.2) or use a conventional mouse without touch surface that requires SHIFT. We had many requests to support horizontal scrolling without Shift and we won’t be removing that support.


Thanks for your answer and the links.

I resist. I did not make the update of Mavericks yet towards Sierra. What I read about on the forum is not very encouraging!!!

That’s what I do. 2.1.1 is still my preferred version of Audacity… even if it does not always launch and that I have to remove the “audacity.cfg” file .

Would it be possible to enable it (scrolling with or without Shift) as an option in the “Preferences” like the keyboard short cuts, in a further version of Audacity?


I very much doubt the developers would see that as good use of time unless many users ask for it.

Most people who want to do lengthy editing in Audacity or Final Cut Pro would (I imagine) use a professional (non-touch) mouse, not try to use a Trackpad or Magic Mouse.

However the horizontal scroll without Shift on a touch surface could be convenient for occasional short editing.


Agreement, I’ll change my practices, and handle 2.1.3 with care…