Audacity 2.1.3 deleting more than selected

Hey all using 2.1.3 on mac os 10.12.5

When I select a piece of content and delete it - Audacity also deletes the nonselected audio around it.

Driving me a little nuts today. I am sure it is an easy fix.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance for any and all help.


Audacity also deletes the nonselected audio around it.

All of it? If you select a bit of a minute clip, the whole minute goes, too? Are you dragging the work for deletion? Does the dragging highlight follow you?

Anything magic about the show, like it’s six hours long and contains 300 tracks? Describe what you’re doing.


Yes if I select a bit of a clip the section before and after it goes away as well.
Not sure what you mean about dragging the work for deletion.
I select a pice of the work and hit the delete key.

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Does the Audacity project play correctly?

We have to visualize what you’re doing. How are you selecting the work? There’s many different ways.

Koz - how about this

Thanks for looking


Does the Audacity project play correctly before you make the edit?
I’m guessing that it doesn’t.

That’s the wrong cursor. You should be seeing the “I-Beam” cursor when you’re selecting timeline work.


I don’t know what that is, but you might be stuck in a “mode” or condition to get that special cursor. Select the I-Beam from up in the tool collection. See if the problem goes away.

Oh, and Steve may be right. You may have an odd timeline condition that won’t play right, either. There are special services that don’t necessarily display obvious icons or signs.


Yes actually it plays just fine. And interestingly the i beam looks just fine as I am recording - it changes in the video from Camtasia. So yes it plays just fine and yes the iBeam cursor is normal as I am recording.

Very interesting - I was hoping someone had run into this before. I actually deleted Audacity and started anew. Where are the library and cache files - maybe get rid of them too?

THanks everybody!!!

The audio data in an Audacity project is saved in data fragments called “blockfiles”. These blockfiles are usually about 6 seconds duration.
If you delete part of a blockfile, Audacity makes a new blockfile that is a copy of the part that you haven’t deleted, then replaces the original blockfile with the new smaller copy.

From your video, you can see that Audacity is removing the original 6 second blockfile, but for some reason is unable to replace it.

My first guess was that Audacity was unable to read the original blockfile, but if that was the case then the track would not play. So as Audacity clearly can read the original, the problem must be that it can’t write the new smaller copy.

Where is the project saved? Is it on a network drive or read-only media? Do you have write permission for the location where the project is saved?

After you drag Audacity APP to the trash.

Go > Go To Folder
Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 7.31.58 PM.png
If you have separate protection copies of all your plugins, outside add-ons and extra programs (highly recommended), then drag the audacity folder to the trash. Look around in there before you do that.