Audacity 2.1.3 Crashing on Windows 10!?

Hey everyone,

I’m experiencing a problem with Audacity on my Windows 10 computer.

Basically it will work fine, then after recording 10 or so tracks, the next time I press record, it will freeze and not start the recording, then it will make my computer go extremely slow and cause other program to not function correctly like Adobe Premier Pro. It will then keep on doing this, until I restart my computer. The thing is, when I check system resources, my CPU/GPU are always below 20%, so I don’t get whats going on.

I’ve tried reinstalling and deleting all the Audacity files and even went to older version of Audacity with no success. I use to use Audacity on my computer and after not using Audacity for 3 months, it’s started playing up. I also checked my Anti-virus isn’t blocking it and ran it as admin.

• i7 4790K
• GTX 970
• 32GB RAM
• Windows 10 Home Edition 64 Bit.

Audacity 2.1.3 was installed from a .exe

Thanks :slight_smile:

On a first impression read, you’re overloading memory. At one magic time, your machine runs out of hardware memory and has to start swapping out to the hard drive which will be a serious speed hit.

Audacity is a 32-bit app, so it doesn’t have screaming access to machine resources.

Then there’s the app list. We are perfectly clear Audacity doesn’t Play Well With Others. Running another program that has tentacles into the audio system such as Premier at the same time is just asking for trouble. Any others like that? Do you leave Skype or any other Chat app running in the background? How about FireFox? I had a condition a while back where FireFox was using over a third of the memory resources—all by itself.