Audacity 2.1.2 reports error importing from.ts files

I used Audacity for over a year to process recorded files of radio programmes, copied from my Humax FreeSat box, into mp3 files to listen in the car. With upgrade to 2.1.2 this reports an error on trying to import the file.

Operating System PCLinuxOS
Audacity version 2.1.2 with ffmpeg 2.8.6-1pclos2016 (upgraded via Synaptic, as always)
error message is
An assertion failed!
./src/common/strconv.cpp(1208): assert “Assert failure” failed in FromWChar(): trying to encode undefined Unicode character
I have attached the long report

However if I click ‘continue’ it then does import the file (slowly) and it plays ok.

Is there any corrective action I need to do? I have another computer with Ubuntu 14.14 and Audacity 2.05 where this problem does not happen.


errormessage.txt (1.94 KB)

I’m not 100% certain, but I think that is a debug message generated by WxWidgets. Release builds of Audacity will normally suppress debug messages, but if the version of WxWidgets used to build Audacity was a debug build, then debug messages may still be produced by WxWidgets. Unless Audacity crashes or does something noticeably wrong, then I think you can ignore this “error” (just click the “Continue” button). It’s not something that you can fix with a user setting.

What exactly is the file name?

Does the problem occur if you import a WAV file with the same name? Audacity does not properly support FFmpeg > 2.3.x without modification to the source code.

If you look at Help > About Audacity…, then click the “Build Information” tab, does “Build type” at the bottom say Debug build or Release build? As I understood it, on Linux we set the wxWidgets debug level so that assertion errors are reported even in release builds.



Filename is Bradbry1.ts (radio broadcast of SciFi short story)
It was able to import the same audio as a wav file called Bradbry1.wav
Build type is Release Build

Best wishes