Audacity 2.1.2 - Problem with Zoom conference recorder


We did a record from a Zoom meeting, but the computer slow down and the record is bad. I tried with Audacity different setup but the result isn’t better.

May be you can give me some tips on what to try. I tried “Change speed” and “Change Pitch”, to 1.5 (-1.5) or 2 (-2), but it is not better.

Here is the sample file attached.

Many thanks,

A few more words.

You recorded the meeting on a stand-alone Zoom recorder. Then, later in the day, you transferred the sound file to a computer and that’s where the distortion is coming from? It’s a common mistake to use a Zoom as a USB microphone. If that’s what you did and the computer didn’t work right, the recording is gone.


Yes we recorded on a Stand alone PC, and from this record the sound isn’t good.

Do you have a solution to get better quality?


Which model of Zoom?

Which model of Zoom?

Darn good question. I have an older H4 (no “n”).


Hin, version 3.5.33842


I wonder what Zoom the hardware corporation thinks about that.

Audacity is not good software to record conferencing services and programs. Not that it doesn’t work at all, it’s just not stable or reliable. If it works you win and if it doesn’t, you lose, the recording is trash and we can’t help you.

In the case of Skype conferencing, Pamela makes some very good purpose-built recording software and there are some free services and products out there.

You should Google your brains out for Zoom recording software, or alternately, contact Zoom for ideas.

Conferencing programs tend to fight for mastery of the sound connections inside the computer. Typically, only one wins and more often than not, it’s the conferencing software, leaving you with a bad recording.

It’s not a terrible idea to place a small, stand-alone sound recorder on the table during a conference. In one swoop, all the computer, conference and interconnect problems vanish. You might even be able to get a Zoom recorder to do it.

I use an Olympus recorder.