Audacity 2.1.2 definitively don't work with Windows 10

Please, I need Audacity. Someone help and solve this problem!

It certainly does work on W10 as do the latest alphas for 2.1.3 - I’ve been using all of thos eon W10 (migrated from W7) on my Tosh laptop for a while now,

You do need to make sure that you have the right device drivers for W10 though - for my laptop this happened automagically - I needed a little tweak to make my external USB soundcard work again on W10,


Perhaps this page will help:

Thank you for your support.

Thank you my friend. I’ll try to find it on Google. I too migrated from 7 to 10. All went alright but audacity.

Please download audio drivers only from the manufacturer of the sound device or motherboard or you may harm your computer.

If you need more help please use more words to describe the exact problem or error messages you encounter and tell us the make and model number of the computer and exactly what sound device you are trying to use.