Audacity 2.1.1: Use of FLAC 1.3.1 (27 Nov 2014)

The ‚2.1.1 Release Notes‘ state: ‚Upgraded to Nyquist 3.0.9 and libflac 1.3.1.’ However, the inspection of an exported FLAC file yields the tag: ‚libflac1.0.4 (20141125)‘. Shouldn’t it be: ‚libflac1.3.1 (20141127)‘?

OS: Windows 7 SP1
(Exactly the same problem occurred on my second machine with OS X 10.10.4; I didn’t cross-post it in the Mac OS X forum.)

Thanks for the report. According to FLAC - Changelog the displayed date of 25 November is correct and the standalone flac.exe produces that date.

I raised a big for the incorrect version number