Audacity 2.1.1. skipping while recording audio cassettes


I’m using Audacity 2.1.1 on my Macbook, which uses Yosemite OS X 10.10.5

I’ve been recording scores of old audio cassettes using the Ion Tape Express player, plugged into a USB port. After almost 200 recordings, I was suddenly getting 30 minutes of recorded data for every 45 minute tape side. Playing back the recording, I was noticing innumerable skips.

I followed all the troubleshooting advice listed here: (updated everything, turned off internet while recording, turned off audio monitoring, etc). It seemed to work, no more skips.

But after another 10 tapes, I’m back to the same problem. 30 minutes of data for 45 minutes of tape.

I really can’t imagine why this happened suddenly, stopped and is happening again, but I’m all out of ideas.

Can someone help?


Did you try everything on Managing Computer Resources and Drivers?

Have you tried - counter-intuitively - a lower setting for “Audio to buffer” in Recording Preferences?

Did you make any changes just before the problem started? Such as adding a new app, or updating to 10.10.5?


Also, have you filled up your harddisk and then deleted lots of files to make room for the recordings?

If the problem is with the AU files in Audacity’s temporary folder becoming unavailable, each chunk of missing data would appear as a silent section about 6 seconds long within the correct recording length (unless the recording was the wrong length for another reason).