Audacity 2.1.1 on Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.4 - Crashing

Hi all. In the last few days Audacity has become unstable whenever it tries to access the harddrive/Finder. If I open it and try to open a file (where then Audacity attempts to access the hard drive/Finder) Audacity will freeze and I will have to Force Quit it.

Alternatively, if I find the file myself and drag it to Audacity to open it, Audacity will work just fine and edit the clip as expected. But as soon as I try to save the file (again, it attempts to write to the harddrive/access Finder) it will crash.

Anyone else experiencing this? I tried deleting and reinstalling Audacity and checking for all updates on El Capitan and so far no luck.

At one time Audacity had the nasty habit of trying to save production to the /Application part of the System. That’s a terrible idea. Can you save the work to the desktop, /Music, /Documents or some other user space?

In the last few days

Are you filling up your hard drive?
Go > Computer > Right-Click (or Control-Click) Macintosh HD > Get Info.

Many producers are stunned how fast sound editing can eat through a hard drive.