Audacity 2.1.0 Not Responding In Yosemite

Anyone else have this problem? I try to open a file or do pretty much anything from the File/Edit/View…menu, and Audacity stalls until I have to kill it with a Force Quit. I am able to edit simply by dragging files in, but I expect something is afoot. Any ideas?

MBP Late 2013
2.3 i7
16 GB

Thanks in advance…

You can get all sorts of insane behavior if you are trying to run Audacity from inside the DMG instead of actually installing it. You can also have Audacity that’s not “real.” Did your install actually say 2.1.0 or 2.10? We don’t make a 2.10.

If you reinstall, be sure to delete the Audacity preferences.

Desktop > Go > Go to Folder… > /Library/Application Support. Drag the audacity folder to the trash.

I think Audacity 2.1.0 comes with a Mac installer, so the .dmg problem isn’t as great.


Thanks for responding…

Here’s what I did:

  1. Used AppCleaner to get rid of all Audacity files.
  2. Downloaded the .zip (2.1.0) file.
  3. Drug the “Audacity” folder from the zip file to the “Applications” shortcut on the left side of Finder.
  4. Opened Audacity from Applications by double clicking the Audacity icon within the Audacity Folder.
  5. Clicked “Open” on the warning, “this application has been downloaded from the internet…”
  6. Selected All on the plug-in splash window, installed them.
  7. Splash said Welcome to Audacity 2.1.0
  8. File–>Open…got the Finder window and tried to navigate to a file…it froze!

I just went back in to it, and I can select files in the Finder window now, but it is very slow. So, progress that I don’t have to force kill it, but should it be slow (lagging, pinwheel, when I try to move away from a selected file…)?


I think that’s wrong. When you unpacked the ZIP, you were supposed to get a disk image (.dmg). When you double click on that, you get the installer. I think you missed a step in the middle.

I need to go look.


No. You’re right. The ZIP comes down with a different structure than the DMG.

I need to find why the system would do that. There’s something magic that happens on some systems… Have you ever done a Repair Permissions?

Go > Utilities > Disk Utility. Select your system drive and Verify followed by Repair Permissions.

I’m not on Yosemite, so the path may be a little different now.


This is a copy from another posting.

open Audacity > Preferences… then choose the “Recording” tab. Set Audio to buffer to 10 milliseconds. Record a second track. If the audio is recorded with breakup or doesn’t start recording, choose 20 milliseconds, then 30 and so on, until the audio records correctly.


What folder are you navigating through? If it’s a network folder that can be slow.