Audacity 2.1.0 Edit files without compress again


So I created some .OGG files and I noticed some of them were a bit on the low side in terms of volume, how can I edit the file, amplify the audio levels and then save it again without compressing it further?

It is currently 47.8kb and I want to keep it that way but just increase its volume a bit.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

From what? Something that you recorded in Audacity?

If you exported the file from an Audacity project, reopen the project then you won’t lose quality by re-encoding. Is that what you mean by “compressing”?

As far as I know, none of the tools to edit OGG files losslessly let you change their volume.

So the only other option would be to apply Replay Gain using Foobar2000 or other tool that supports it.


Oops, maybe convert is better word here. No they were converted from .mp3 files.

I did not save the project but I do have the original clips left so I can just create new ones, a bit of a hassle but kinda my own fault. Thanks anyway.

OK, so you already have two levels of quality loss (the quality lost from the original MP3 encoding, then additional loss from the Ogg encoding), and you want to avoid a third layer of quality loss.

Ideally you would go back to the original uncompressed audio (the audio from which the MP3 was made). Amplify that and then export as Ogg (avoiding the MP3 stage altogether).

If you don’t have the original uncompressed audio, go back to the MP3.
Unless you specifically need Ogg format, use a lossless editor such as MP3DirectCut (, or use ReplayGain on your media player (if your media player supports ReplayGain).