Audacity 2.01

When I launch audacity, I get an error message regarding ‘Lector’ -no valid license for this application with elicenser.

I have deleted the program and rebooted. I have deleted the license on the key, but the error message keeps coming. If I say ok, audacity crashes.
What do I have to do?

I presume that refers to an unlicensed (trial version) of Lector by Waldorf.
Please check that either you have a valid license key for Lector, or that Lector is fully uninstalled.
If you have trouble uninstalling Lector, please contact Waldorf and ask them how to correctly uninstall Lector - they can be contacted here:

Please let us know how it goes - if you resolve the problem it will be useful for others if you can give a description of what you do to resolve it. If you don’t manage to fix it, then we can try to work around the problem.