audacity 2.0

Every time I try to run Audacity 2.0 my computer reboots. I uninstalled the program, downloaded version 2.0 again and re-installed. Same result. Prior to today I have had no problem running the program. I installed Audacity from the file audacity-win-2.0.exe. I am running WindowsXP with SP3 installed.

Please see .

If this has only just happened, you can see if Windows Device Manager has an option to roll back to a previous sound card driver. Windows Update could have changed or modified the drivers or something else that affects them . See .

Or simply try a System Restore back to before the problem started. See .


And also did yuou buy any chance install any other programs latley that could be causing a conflict, just a thought, Marty

I did a System Restore to two different dates. Problem was not solved, but additional problems (which I won’t go into) were created. I contacted Creative Technologies and they weren’t much help. The audio card is so old they probably don’t have any drivers for it. My final solution is the one I hate but always works: re-install all software.

I reinstalled my operating system and reinstalled Audacity 2.0. When I try to run Audacity now, I get a different message:

“This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”

I reinstalled Audacity which didn’t help. I suspect this might have something to do with a driver for my Sound Blaster sound card. I contacted Creative Technologies about this, but the sound card is so old that they no longer have the drivers for this card. I have software for this sound card, but the last time I tried to reinstall it, it messed up my system so badly I had to reinstall the entire operating system, so I’m very leery about doing this again.

You can solve the Audacity problem by installing the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) from this FAQ: .

Exactly what make and model is the SoundBlaster card?


The sound card is Sound Blaster Live! Model No. SB0100 from Creative Labs.

Where on the site you quoted do I find this package?

Read the text in the blue/green box:

If your Sound Blaster drivers crash XP you may have to look around for drivers on the internet, but be very careful (and don’t pay any money or install software that says it will detect what you need). It is possible that as you have updated to XP3 SP3 you need slightly later drivers (or even earlier - these things happen).

I suggest you see if you need this Creative Hotfix (Live! 5.1 web release ):!%205.1&subCatName=Live!&CatName=Sound+Blaster&VARSET=prodfaq:PRODFAQ_50,VARSET=CategoryID:1

then if not, possibly consider if for example this driver will help you: .


I was just looking at Device Manager for the sound card. Under drivers it lists 16 different files. That sounds not normal to me. How would I know which one to replace?

It’s normal to have multiple driver files for the one driver installation. If you install a different set of drivers the installer will update all those driver files.

I think the first thing you should do is see if the official Creative hotfix applies to you.


My final resolution involves two strategies: (1) Load Windows XP on my second hard drive, then install the Creative Technologies software, then install Audacity 2.0 and see what happens. (2) Establish a Restore Point for my current configuration, install the Creative Technologies software and pray. If Audacity works, fine. If not and the computer suffers a meltdown I supposedly can restore it to the state it was in before I installed the sound card software. I say “supposedly” , because I’m not sure what actually gets saved during a Restore. I think option 1 is the safest route.