Audacity 2.0 vs 1.3

I have had version 1.3 on my comp for some time and have used it extensively to reformat older cassette tapes to wav files. Today I downloaded version 2.0.
My question is, now that I have version 2.0 on the computer, can I delete version 1.3 without losing all the work I did using it? I mean I’ve got some 80 tapes in 1.3, I think I might shoot myself if I deleted version 1.3 and found I’d also deleted all those files as well.
Thanks to anyone who can answer my question, and deep gratitude to the originators of Audacity.

As soon as you have confirmed that Audacity 2.0 is working as expected you can delete or uninstall Audacity 1.3.
Audacity 2.0 is compatible with Audacity 1.3.x projects.

Please note that we do not recommend using Audacity Projects as an “archiving” format. Audacity Projects are very large and relatively complex, so are much more vulnerable to accidental damage than normal audio formats. It is a good idea to archive your work as standard audio files such as WAV or FLAC format.