Audacity 2.0 on Win98se

**Win98? Why do I still use that? Well it’s on a separate computer that never goes on line. I find it still does a lot of handy things for me. Kind of relaxing actually. The one that’s typing this has XP on it. The Win98 machine is currently running a 1.3 version of audacity which is pretty good.

My question: A box on the sourceforge site implies that version 2.0 will work with Win98. I wanted to get an emphatic YES, before I install it and possibly corrupt the 98 computer. Since the internet has so much misinformation on it, I thought I should ask. Would like to hear from someone that’s done it. If you did, were there any problems ? Thanks :slight_smile:**

If our site says that a particular version of Audacity works on a particular operating system, it does, subject to any qualifications in the Release Notes . As mentioned there, a few older Windows systems might need to install a Windows redistributables package, but that does not apply to Windows 98/ME, only to 2000 and XP.

The particular version of 2.0.0 you want for Windows 98 is .


That’s good news. Thanks Gale :slight_smile: