Audacity 2.0 and Configure

Dear All,

This is probably a topic more about using autoconf and configure and how to correctly generate the files, but I have very little experience with doing this and orignally hacked my files to get my version of Audacity to work…

I have installed audacity from source, and have made changes to my version which includes a specific define which I need for my builds
to work (including correct c++ files etc). Not being an expert in configure I simply added a #define to the configunix.h and built, which
The problem is I am trying to build a package of this now, which then other people could use to install. The package build does a configure step
which overwrites the configunix.h so it does not have my #define.

Can someone tell me how to get my #defines into that file. I have tried altering the to include the AC_DEFINE, but that doesn’t work. I also tried
running the autoconf again, but that totally fails. Just not at all experienced with using these tools… so …
is there an easy way to get the configure step to include my #define or what should I do to add my stuff…

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


There is some possibly outdated information here .

I don’t think anyone here has the knowledge to help you with non-standard routines. Why did you
need to make changes in the first place? What version of Linux are you using?

I would suggest searching on or subscribing to audacity-devel: .


Yeah, I figured it was a stretch to ask this here, think I have been to the devel page, I will look around there…

I rebuilt it because we use Audacity in a very different way here. We use it to record our digital content, and then via code modules (that I add) we can insert/update the recordings into our proprietary database with Meta data attached. That content is then used for radio broadcasts later on.

Since there a 100+ broadcasters here currently using Audacity - eventually - we would like the ability to install our version in the Linux machines as well.

Thanks for your information.