audacity 2.0.5/Vista iMic only recognized mono [SOLVED]

New download but I have used this iMic before on imac w/Final Vinyl. The Audacity input channel dropdown only recognizes/lists mono when the iMic is selected.
Search for this topic, found some reference but not to this specifically. I have the iMic stereo leads connected to a stereo cable connected directly to the line-out left & right channels of a tape deck and to a USB port on the computer. It doesn’t matter which USB port is used. Also, when i select one of the other input options in Audacity (AUX Realtek or MS Sound Mapper) the stereo option is listed in the input dropdown.

Set iMic to Line.

Have you followed the steps at to set iMic to stereo in Windows?


Excellent! The green box instructions did the trick.Thanks!