Audacity 2.0.5 recording streaming music to CD [SOLVED]

I’m trying to record a CD that I streamed from Tidal to my parents old relic of a Mac.

I’m using Audacity 2.0.5, & I did select WAV(Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM.

I’ve tried exporting & importing the cd; & although it does show up in iTunes, I cannot seem to make an audio CD of the music.

I’m not at all tech savvy, so I could certainly use some step by step help. I’ve tried reading, googling, & even YouTube(ing) this !

Please assist.

Thanking you volumes in advance for your help.

Have you read this tutorial from the Manual:

It’s part of this set of tutorials:,_LPs_or_minidiscs_to_CD


Hi WC !
Yes, I have tried it, but I’m still totally lost. I can get to my computer & tell you where I am so far, but I just am stuck.
Thank you for reaching out. I can’t seem to get the cd made, I keep getting black CDs from this process.

Have you got the Audacity-exported WAV in iTunes?

And you are trying to do this on your parents’ Mac?

Look at iTunes > About iTunes. What version of iTunes does it say? Here is a tutorial in iTunes 11 on Mac:

If you are in a hurry, you can look in the phone book and get computer technicians to come out and help you for a call out fee.


Hi Gale,
I apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, I have iTunes 12.3.1.

Try this then ask on the Apple forums if you need help after that.


Thanks so much everyone ! I finally figured it out. Much obliged !