Audacity 2.0.4 Selection start not scrollable

I am trying to scroll the “Selection Start:” box with the mouse wheel after clicking on any of the digits, but it seems to be impossible. The End or Length box does allow the mouse wheel scrolling on its digits.

Any suggestions?

If you mean scroll up or down with the mouse wheel to increment or decrement the digits, it works for me in Selection Start.

Make and model number of mouse?


You know how it is, when you get to the doctor, the symptom disappears… the mouse is an HP M-SBQ133

Having clicked on the digit you can also use UP and DOWN arrow on the keyboard to increment/decrement.


It happened once again. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but I changed from hh:mm:ss + samples to PAL frames and now it does not scroll with the mouse wheel.

After changing the time units you will probably need to click again on one of the digits to select it before you can scroll the digit.

It does not scroll after clicking on any digit within the timeline’s selection start box. Nonetheless the End/Length selection box does allow the scrolling of digits with the mouse wheel.

I can’t reproduce the issue.
Do the up/down cursor keys work?

Yes, up and down arrows work on both boxes(selection Start and End/Length)