Audacity 2.0.4 Extra Effects Plugin (Do not work)


I have a problem with the LADSPA Plug-Ins. I downloaded and installed them and placed the files inside the Audacity Plug In folder, restarted Audacity, but the LADSPA Plug-Ins effects still don’t work. They appear in the effects drop down menu, but when I try and use them on my vocals track, they don’t change the audio at all.

Which specific effects have you tried?
These plug-ins are rather old and not made by Audacity, so there’s no guarantee that they will all work, though most of them should.

Hi Steve, only the ones in the LADSPA Plug-Ins package don’t seem to work. I tried half of a dozen of them and they didn’t tweak the audio at all.

That’s 6 out of over 90. How do I know which ones you have tried?