Audacity 2.0.3

I am using Windows 7 Profesional. 64 bit.
After installing the software successfully on my computer, & connecting the Audiocity via usb cable to computer, I am not able to change software settings in Preferences-Devices-Recording device to "MICROPHONE Array(2-USBPnPAu) as specified in the manual provided in the packing box. This option is however not offered. However, Channels (2 STEREO) is visible/selected. Also in RECORDING I have unchecked "software playthrough: listen while recordingor monitoring new track. In device Manager there is no yellow mark anywhere on any line which means software is correctly downloaded. NOW AS A RESULT OF THE ABOVE I AM NOT ABLE TO CONVERT MY AUDIO FILES TO MP3. A FILE IS CREATED, BUT WITH NO MUSIC, & THIS CREATED FILE IS IN WAV FORMAT. (not MP3) (whic is desired.Kindly advise via email reply. Product was purchased only a day ago from EMAX Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand

Audacity doesn’t have email support.

You should tell us that you’re trying to record and with what. We have no idea what your sound device is.