Audacity 2.0.3 online manual

Working with Audacity 2.0.3 yesterday and today because 2.0.4 kept crashing my computer. Vista 64 bit OS. Now I can’t seem to get back to the online version of the 2.0.3 manual and the local version (in my computer) does not seem to be working properly. Do I have to start over with the 2.5.0?

If Audacity 2.0.4 crashed as soon as you tried to start it, this was probably due to its Windows WDM-KS audio host support. If so, WDM-KS has been removed from 2.0.5, so updating to 2.0.5 will cure the problem. Please visit .

This is expected. The online Manual is for the current release, so yesterday it showed the 2.0.4 Manual.

Perhaps the pages have been modified somehow. If you upgrade to 2.0.5 as above, installing using the EXE installer, this should solve the crash and the problem with the local Manual.


Thank you for your help. I’ve installed 2.0.5 and deleted the earlier versions, will be able to try it tomorrow. Are there any basic differences between the old and new versions I need to know when recording LP’s?

Mostly bug fixes. I don’t think there’s much that will affect you, but the changes are outlined in the release notes (see: