Audacity 2.0.3 crashes upon launch

Apologies if this is a duplicate thread to another post, but I searched for ‘2.0.3 crash’ and saw nothing that seemed the same. If I try to launch Audacity either by clicking on the dock, or the icon in Applications, or dragging a file (like an MP3, I have LAME installed and have used it this way many times before), it bounces in the dock a couple of times, then crashes silently. This is what I get in the console, no actual error message or crash log appears in the Finder:

Sep 19 09:56:00 My-computer [0x0-0xf07f07].net.sourceforge.audacity[98919]: /Applications/Audacity/ line 20: dirname: No such file or directory
Sep 19 09:56:00 My-computer [0x0-0xf07f07].net.sourceforge.audacity[98919]: /Applications/Audacity/ line 21: /Audacity: No such file or directory
Sep 19 09:56:00 My-computer[1696] ([0x0-0xf07f07].net.sourceforge.audacity[98919]): Exited with exit code: 127

This same copy of Audacity used to work fine in all 3 of these scenarios, on the same OS. Mac OS X 10.5.8 (x86, aka Intel 32 bit).

Strangely, doing ‘Show Package Contents’ on the .app bundle and double clicking the audacity unix executable ( /Applications/Audacity/ ) still works (see attached screenshot), which suggests the aforementioned script finds something in the system it can’t handle, but the actual program is ok. But I have no idea what it chokes on and would like some help pinpointing it, and will try to supply other diagnostic information to that end as requested. Thank you.

2.0.3 has been replaced by 2.0.4.

I don’t recognise your problem, but perhaps some files got moved out of place inadvertently.

I suggest you trash 2.0.3 and try . Extract the entire contents to the folder you want to run Audacity from. This is a build made a little after 2.0.4 release that contains potential fixes for crashes importing files in 2.0.4.

Your testing of the linked build would be much appreciated. Note that 2.0.4 and the linked build won’t import a file if you use Finder “Open with” or drag the file to the Audacity icon. That still has to be fixed.


Both 2.0.4 and the 2.0.5 build you linked to open MP3 files, from File/Open within Audacity, but not by drag/drop on the app. icon. Hopefully 2.0.5 can be fixed so it does that too, but that is only an inconvenience, not a show-stopper like having the program refuse to open.