Audacity 2,0,1 on Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8

The old version of Audacity quit working (recording) so I removed in and installed 2.0.1, Still will not record, set it up for external usb mic, which shows OK.

If you attached the mic after launching Audacity, use Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

Also see: .


I installed the mic before I opened Audacity, the mic shows OK in Audacity.

I also copied all the dmg files and pasted them in a new folder I made for Audacity in the Applications folder.

It opens fine, it just will not record.

Where do I find “Transport” to rescan the mic’s?

OK, if you mean you copied all the files that were in the dmg.

In the Audacity menu bar which will be at the top of the OS X window when you are in the Audacity program.

Is there “error opening sound device” when you select the USB mic as Input Device in Audacity Device Toolbar? Or do you just record silence?

The mic will probably be called USB Audio CODEC. This is Device Toolbar: