Audacity 2.0.1 crashes on Mac Mountain Lion during recording

I love Audacity and have been using it on my PC for years. However, when I recently switched to Mac (Mountain Lion) I found it crashing on me all the time when I record.
My settings are 24 bit 48000 Hz. There is no consistency on when and how it crashes, but mostly it happens on Project Save or in the middle of the recording. Then I can recover my project and continue, but it can happens 10 to 12 times in one our.
The Audacity version that I use is 2.0.1.
Using Presonus Audiobox USB to record guitar and voice on my Mac mini that I bought in 2011 (8Gb of RAM).
Please help,

all the time when I record.

All the time you record what? What’s the show and how do you have the computer connected? And which computer?


When I record music and voice. I use Presonus Audiobox USB

I have a Mini old enough to have one USB connection be erratic. Try a different connection and you consistently have trouble with one, put in a hub for keyboard and mouse and leave the busted one blank. Do Not Run Audacity through a hub. Audacity needs a clean home run.

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You didn’t say when you wrote to feedback@ that you were using an external audio device. You could check with Presonus if OS X 10.8 has broken compatibility with the interface. Are you setttng 24-bit 48000 Hz in Apple Audio MIDI Setup as well as in Audacity?

Do you get a crash when recording from the Mac audio input instead of Presonus?

To repeat my response on feedback@

Is this OS X 10.8.1? There was one other report recently that upgrading from 10.8.0 to 10.8.1 caused Audacity crashes. It may be incidental. but that user found that redownloading Audacity and installing the new download stopped the crashes.

The current Audacity version is 2.0.2: >

so I would first of all try that. Reboot the computer before using 2.0.2.

If 2.0.2 crashes, please try resetting the audacity.cfg settings file, following these instructions: > .

If the crashes persist, please send us a crash report following these instructions: > .

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I had similar problems when I was in Mac Lion OS.
I did use a hub connecting to Personus. Will try connecting directly to Mac mini USB instead of the USB hub and report back.