Audacity 2.0.0 VERY UNSTABLE

Hi folks
I’m fairly new to linux audio, and I’ve recently installed Ubuntustudio 12.04 including Audacity 2.0.0 on a brand new Dell Latitude E5530. Soundcard is a Focusrite Scarlett 2in/out which is recognised by Audacity, although playback is more reliable with onboard sound.

Audacity crashes in multiple ways: from force quit to freezing the whole system from which only a hard reset will recover. Running from console makes no difference… so, some basic advice/help would be appreciated…

Many thanks

Freezing the whole system would suggest that there are more problems with the system than just Audacity.

In the Device Toolbar, try selecting the sound card directly (the (hw:) option rather than “pulse” or “default”) for playback and recording. This will cause Audacity to access the sound card directly via ALSA rather than using PulseAudio. Note that if you do this, other audio applications must not be running.