Audacity 2.0.0 Freezes computer on start

When ever i open audacity it freezes my computer within the first 5 seconds of running the program. Anyone know why this is?

Not from that description, no. Which Windows, what kind of computer and how old is it?

You launch Audacity and do nothing else except count quietly and then five seconds later the computer freezes? How do you get it back?


I have exactly the same problem. I installed from the .exe. I’m on Windows Vista 64-bit. I had Audacity 1.2.6 & was trying to upgrade, but, after multiple downloads/installs of Audacity 2.0, my computer freezes when starting it up. I have to power off the computer to get it back up.

If it’s freezing or crashing the entire computer it is likely to be a sound card driver problem.

Information on this page may be useful:

Steve’s suggestion resolved my problem. I updated the sound card drivers & Audacity opens without issue now. Thank you very much, Steve!