Audacit 3.0 won't open MP3s?

Dear Anyone.

I go to a downloaded MP3. I right click on it and choose ‘Open With’, then Audacity. And Audacity thinks it’s one of its own .AUP files and says ‘Can’t Open Project Database’. It USED to open .MP3s if you opened Audacit first then opened the .MP3 from within Audacit but now it won’t even do that, you just get the same error.

Earlier versions worked fine. Is it OK to download an earlier version from somewhere just so I can use Audacity with MP3s again, or is that frowned on?

I’m on Win10 64bit, btw…

Yours puzzledly


What happens if you:

  1. Launch Audacity
  2. “File menu > Import > Audio” and select the MP3 file

This is a duplicate of this post: Audacity 3.0 fiile association bug (.WAV, Win10.)

As I said before - I do not have this problem on 3.0.2.

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