Audacisty 3.4.1. for Mac hangs on "verifying"

Just now I downloaded “audacity-macOS-3.4.1-universal.dmg”, mounted it, and dragged the app to the Applications folder on my Mac under MacOS 10.14.6. Double-clicking, the first launch hangs on “Verifying ‘’…”, about halfway through.

I’m hoping that the new version, once it works, addresses the problem in opening AAC files even though ffmpeg is successfully installed.


Try installing the version for your processor: Intel or Apple Silicon.

How would I do that?

Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 10.12.37

My Mac

2.2 GHz IntelCore i7

I know I’m missing something really basic here.


Go to Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS

scroll down to

x86_64 dmg (Intel)

Aha. I have an issue with the instructions. The operating system download graphics are clear they point to the Universal Binary.

And when I go there, sure enough, there is the Universal Binary.
And full stop. There are no other instructions and no other suggestions how to find more.

That’s obviously the bottom of the page, right?


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