.aud file distortion

OS: Vista Basic Audacity installed from .exe disc that came with ‘VIBE Sound’ LP player unit

The VIBE Sound unit I purchased is an LP player with a USB connector.

When I play an LP on the VIBE unit, it sounds fine with no distortion, even though the speakers on the VIBE are quite cheap.

When I RECORD an LP (using Audacity) to an .aud file, regardless of input/output volume settings, the playback is distorted (like music played to loudly).

I went to the tutorial in the Audacity Manual and under “Adjust the Level” it stated that I might try “system sound control panel” adjustments.

Not sure what this meant, but I went to my computer “Control Panel” icon, clicked on the “Sound” icon, and it displayed a Microphone icon as being connected, but offered no adjustment options of any kind.

I have tried the “Normalize” function on these recordings with no discernable effect. Other project edits don’t seem to apply to this situation.

Please help.


First off, bundled copies of Audacity are often out of date old versions. You can check the version number in “Help menu > About Audacity”. The current version is 2.0.2. If you have a different version, you can get the current version from here: http://audacityteam.org/download/

Usually the easiest way to open the Windows Sounds control panel is by right clicking on the loudspeaker icon in the system tray (near the time/date) and select “Recording Devices”.

To set the recording level of a device, right-click on the input device you want to record with, then click Properties, then select the “Levels” tab.
See here for more detail: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Mixer_Toolbar_Issues#vistacp