Aud 2.3.2. 'Fit to Width' does not go full width of screen

Hi there

I have been using AUD for years…I recently upgraded to a Dell laptop with WIN10. Fine and dandy :slight_smile:, However, if you try to go from the Zoom Normal to tracks ‘fit to width’ it used to go full screen. now its just compressed over on the left side of the screen. My guess is this is a windows/monitor issue and not Audicity. I can work around it but its a pain. Anyone seen this?


There is now an extra zoom button (Zoom Toggle), so you’re probably pressing the wrong buttons (it’s still catching me out on occasion).
More details in the manual here:

Thanks for your response, I will give that a shot. I kept reading about zoom toggle…didn’t register. :slight_smile:


Nope. :slight_smile: no difference. So its probably something with windows 10 and the drivers or something on this Dell. I will keep experimenting though.

What if you use the menu command “View > Track Size > Fit to Width”?

Does the problem only occur with one project, or all projects?

Steve, you hit it. Its just one project. hahaha. Not sure what happened. I really appreciate your help on this. I should of checked that.
So I will export the files, delete the project and see if its something that got into the aud formatting for whatever reason.


did some experimenting on the problem project. just FYI, its just one track causing this. Importing the other tracks is fine, you import this one…it changes the formatting. Not a big deal, I just got the original wav and imported it, no problem.
Prob not a bug, something just happened in my editing ect. of the track.

(I am happy now, I thought I would have to keep working around this).

My guess is that there’s a tiny bit of audio at the end of that track, which you can’t see while zoomed out.
If that’s the case, the way to deal with it is:

  1. Click the “Select” button in the panel on the left end of the track.
    The selection will automatically go to the very end of the track, which may look like it’s extending into empty space.

  2. Zoom in on the end of the selection. When you zoom in close enough you will probably see a tiny bit of audio at the end.

Thank you.
Its not an important track…just my guitar playing. :slight_smile: but i am curious. I always like learning things about Audacity.


you were right. Man, what an idiot I was :slight_smile:. so busy rushing and stuff…i didnt see that genius here forgot to hit STOP on that track. I am glad its
not an Audacy problem.


But you are right that it doesn’t go to the full available width of the screen - there is a small empty strip at the right of the track pane.
Fit not quite to width.png
This contrasts with full use of the available track pane when you then zoom in.

Also if you Select All and the Fit Selection to width id does use the full width of the track pane.

I’m not sure is this a bug or a “feature” :confused:

Maybe the little strip is there by design to show you that you have the whole project on-screen.


Pretty sure it’s a feature. The code explicitly leaves a bit of empty space visible beyond the end of the track.

I assume that’s the reason. Without that bit of space, you can’t tell just from looking if the track continues beyond the right hand side of the window.