Aud 2.3.0, Max OSX10.11.6, Recovering files

Just recorded an hour long stereo file from 2 USB mics, saved it and when I came back to edit, I must have erased the audio.
I currently have the .aup file as well as several hundreds .au files in a folder marked “.eff”

I am lost on what to do from here and what I should be doing from here on out with future recordings.
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Somehow you have put the “EP003NateHarvey.aup” file into the “EP003NateHarvey_data” folder. It shouldn’t be in there. The AUP file and the “_data” folder should both be in the same directory, alongside each other.

So what is my next step??

Where is the “EP003NateHarvey_data” folder on your computer?

In a common folder for my podcast on my desktop

Took the .aup file out of the -data folde
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They are in a common folder for my podcasts on my desktop

OK, so let’s say that on your Desktop there is a folder called “podcasts”, and that the “EP003NateHarvey_data” folder is in “poscasts”.
That would give you:

Desktop > podcasts > EP003NateHarvey_data > EP003NateHarvey.aup (this is wrong)
Desktop > podcasts > EP003NateHarvey_data > eff

You need to drag the EP003NateHarvey.aup file out of EP003NateHarvey_data so that it is in Desktop > podcasts, like this:

Desktop > podcasts > EP003NateHarvey_data
Desktop > podcasts > EP003NateHarvey.aup

You should then be able to open EP003NateHarvey.aup with Audacity.

Just recorded an hour long stereo file from 2 USB mics

How did you do that? Audacity generally only recognizes one “thing” to record from.


It worked!!! What do I do in the future to avoid this? I assume just keep the data and aup files separate?

Aggregated the 2 USB mics, opened Audacity and recorded in a stereo recording
Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 3.46.23 PM.png

This is one Audacity Project or show.

They need to be sitting beside each other and have the same name. Double click the Project Manager AUP file and the Project should open.


Normally when you save a project, it creates an “AUP” file and a “_data” folder, alongside each other. The “_data” folder contains the audio data, and the “AUP” file contains instructions that tell Audacity what to do with the data.

I’m guessing that you accidentally dragged the AUP file into the “_data” folder. To avoid the problem, don’t do that :wink:

Thank you!!

Thank you!!