AU plugins buggy in 2.0.5, not in 2.0.0, OS 10.6.8

Installed Audacity 2.0.5 from the .dmg installer.

I use the AUMatrixReverb quite a bit and get no changes in sound entering custom numbers in any of the boxes except dry/wet mix percentages. Also adjusting the blue slider changes the original number entry to zero and remains that way regardless of slider movement all entry boxes going to zero switching reverb presets in the drop down menu. Even wet/dry adjusts don’t stay once hitting OK and reopening the plugin.

None of this behavior occurred in 2.0.0 which was also installed from a .dmg file.

Thanks for the report but this was fixed in our source code shortly after release of 2.0.5,
so will be fixed in the next 2.0.6 release of Audacity which should appear fairly soon now.

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If you wish to test out the latest 2.0.6-alpha version of Audacity that has the Audio
Units fix, please download the latest build from the top of: .

Note that Matrix Reverb only outputs in stereo (which seems to be an Apple limitation): .


Thanks for the quick reply as well as the solution for the buggy AU plugin behavior, Gale. I look forward to trying out the 2.0.6-alpha version of Audacity.

Since this will be my first try out of any early release updated software of any kind, is there anything different or odd I should look out for seeing I use Audacity in a limited capacity strictly as a music editor to improve the dynamics of poorly mastered CD music I purchased decades ago. Wish I had Audacity and a computer back then. I am totally amazed at what it can do and what I can do with it editing music.

[EDIT: LATER] I’m happy to report AUMatrixReverb is working fine. Sliders work, clicking “Preview” doesn’t cause sliders to turn all entries to zero. Once clicking OK, applying the effect, undo and hit “Command R” doesn’t apply the default “Medium Hall” set at 100%. Reopening keeps the previous settings. BRAVO!

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