.au files associated with a project not opening [SOLVED]

I have a saved project but when i go to open it says most (or all) of the .au files are missnig. But if i open the project data folder all of the .au files are there. I can click on them one at a time and they will open but only as individual files. What do i need to do to get all the .au files that are saved with the project to open as a single audio file as they normally would in Audacity? Greatly appreciate any suggestions / advice.

thank you.

A Project will only open as a show if the _data folder and the .aup file are in the same location or folder. Try pulling them both onto your desktop.


Audacity will think the AU files are “missing” if they are in the _data folder but not in the correct subfolder within the _data folder. Have you rearranged the files in the _data folder?

Help > Show Log… will tell you exactly where it expects each AU file to be inside the _data folder.


Thank you. Both suggestions helped to solve the problem.