AU Effects UI and language

Hi all,

I’m a longtime Audacity user and a very happy one.
For first time I’m experiencing problems. It might be a bug regarding the interface language setting.

In short: when I’ve selected my own language - Swedish - in the Preferences > Interface > Langague I get the very basic effects user interface regardless what AU effects I’m using, Apples or others.

Selecting English in interface the effects UI shows up as ”Full" as it supposed to do.

The file: pluginsettings.cfg indeed has Full as UI setting:

So it’s not the setting that’s off.
I can certainly run Audacity in English but many of my students prefer running the application in our native langague.

I’ve tested this and I get the same behaviour on 2.3.0 and 2.2.2 on OS-X 10.13 and OS-X 10.14

Which effects are you talking about?

(I thought I’d answered)

All of Apples AU effecs and right now I’m using TDR Nova alot.
Nova has so many settings that when you have the basic/generic UI you can’t fit the effecst setting even on a large monitor.