AU Compressor Crashes Audacity

I use Audacity (current version 3.3.3) weekly and the last couple of weeks , it has been acting weird.

Starting this week whenever I try to apply the AU Compressor the program crashes with this message:
Operating system: Mac OS X 14.0.0 23A344
CPU: arm64 8 CPUs
Crash address: 0x1f
Process uptime: 243 seconds

I’m working with a single, stereo, 4 minute track
I’m not very tech savvy & even though I’ve done it before, when I went to the page about installing the plugins, it seemed way over my head. The last couple of updates have (apparently) included the plugins , is that accurate ?

The other issue is that when I click and drag to select an area the highlighted area does not keep up wit h the cursor. If I unclick the selected area is equal to the area I chose, even though it was not highlighted. This has been happening for the last two weeks when I am selecting areas to silence or delete.

I t seems like I have updated a couple of times recently due to “newer version” prompts on start-up.

I assume you mean the AUMultibandCompressor ?

If so this works fine on my Macbook Pro running Monterey macOS 12.7 with Audacity 3.3.3 and the latest Beta test build I have for the upcoming 3.4.0 release.

There should be no need to “install” any of the AU effects, these come (or should come) bundled as part of your Mac OS - when Audacity runs and finds these effects it enables them ready for use.


Confirmed (for the AU Multiband Compressor) on a Macbook Air M1 macOS 14.0. A couple of other AU effects I tried out (AU Dynamics Processor and AU Matrix Reverb) seemed to be OK.

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