AU (2.3.3) adds a "click" noise

I’m on a Macbook Pro “El Capitan” 10.11.6 on AU 2.3.3 version.
I have NO clue as to why Audacity adds sometimes a “click” noise into my recorded (voice) track.
This happens on the editing post process. It’s not the mic or any wires coming out of the interface (Focusrite Scarlet Solo 3rd gen), etc, otherwise it would be present when I record. Again, it gets added on post.
I try to “Silence” it (with the tool), and it will NOT go away.
It’s very frustrating because you need to cut that piece, re-record it and then add it again.
It’s been happening several times and ruined MANY of my projects.
I’ve attached a small mp3 file with only one sentence in Spanish.
IT basically blew my mind, because it originally added a “click” noise at the end if the track, and when I’ve played it again, it added ANOTHER noise towards the beginning. IT’S VERY WEIRD!
Any ideas???
Thank you very much in advance to all AU-guru-tech-peeps!!!

Very weird indeed!

The click noise appears to be where the waveform is “muted” or goes to zero for a short period. You can see it if you zoom in to between 1.71 - 1.72 seconds in your sample. There’s also a short portion before that at 1.706 - 1.7065 seconds, as well as the glitch at the end.

Silencing the click won’t help - the click is silence.

This does not appear to be a case of a gap being inserted in the audio, rather a portion of the audio has been “lost” and replaced with silence.

I am at a loss to explain this happening as a result of editing.

You say that simply “playing it again” adds another click. Are you sure? I had trouble hearing the click at 1.7 seconds; perhaps you are hearing clicks for the first time that have been there for a while.

Let’s do an experiment. Import a known good audio track (for example, from iTunes or from a CD). Do a lot of editing on it, always listening for the addition of a click. Look for the clicks. Does Audacity create these clicks?

Go to Audacity > Preferences > Recording and make sure “Detect dropouts” is checked. Then do some test recordings and see if Audacity detects any problem with your recording setup.

– Bill

Is the sample that you posted an example from after you have tried to “silence” the click?
What is the “tool” that you are referring to?