attempting to initialize the following effect failed

I’m getting the above error for Izotope Ozone 5 after upgrading to Audacity 3.0.4. I tried disabling and reenabling but that didn’t work.

Izotope doesn’t officially Audacity so it MAY work. But, doesn’t Ozone also run stand-alone?

Supported Hosts:
Logic Pro X, Live 9–10.1, FL Studio 20, Pro Tools 12.8–2019, Cubase 9.5–10, Studio One 4, Reason 10–11, REAPER 5–6, Bitwig Studio 3, Audition CC 2019, Premiere Pro CC 2019, Sound Forge Mac 3, Sound Forge Pro 13, Digital Performer 10, Nuendo 10, Wavelab 9, Final Cut Pro X

Hi jaja714

Does the Ozone-5 not have an export or save as function?

I can’t quite figure out where Audacity sits in the production chain.

You know, during troubleshooting (reboot, restart, disable, enable) it just started working. I’m not sure what did the trick but it didn’t take long at all.