Attack/Decay Time(sec) Not showing up in Noise Removal

I tried doing noise removal , but when I wanted to get noise profile ,the attack /decay time was not there ,and the “Frequency Smoothing” was in bands and not in Hz , how do I fix this
Please See the Image

I’m guessing that either you have either recently updated from a very old version of Audacity, or you are trying to follow a tutorial for an obsolete version of Audacity.
The old Noise Removal effect was retired in 2014 and replace with a new “Noise Reduction” effect. The new effect works in a similar way to the old effect, in that you first grab a noise profile and then run the effect a second time to remove noise that matches the profile, but the effectiveness of the algorithm has been improved and the attack /decay times are no longer required.

Note that because this is a different effect with different controls, settings that worked for the old effect will probably not be suitable for this new effect.

A good starting point for settings are: 12 dB noise reduction, 6 for sensitivity and 3 bands of frequency smoothing.
See here for more information:

Note: If “Sensitivity” is set to zero, there will be virtually no noise reduction.