AT-LP120 USB shows input in System Prefs but not in Audacity


I have used Audacity to record from various sources over a number of years but never from the AT-LP120USB turntable. I am running OS 10.14.6 on a 2012 MacBookPro that I have previously used for Audacity recording without problems. I have Audacity 3.1.2.

I connected the turntable to the computer via the USB cable and setup Sound settings, Audio MIDI Setup, and Audacity as described in the Audacity manual. I confirmed input from the turntable in the Input “meter” in System Prefs, but when I clicked on the Audacity meters, nothing.

I followed the troubleshooting suggestions in the manual to the end without success, reaching “post in the Mac section of the Forums.”

Alternatively, I tried using the RCA outputs from the turntable to a Griffin iMic, as I have done in the past with other sources (e.g. Teac reel-to-reel) and confirmed audio input in System Prefs but, nothing in Audacity.

This is really frustrating…also just upgraded to Audacity 3 from Audacity 2. Any suggestions?


Does Audacity have permission to access the “microphone”? See this post: