Asus Tablet-error states change host,rec device

Cannot record. Message is error opening sound device. Try changing audio host, recording device, and sample rate. Each is correct-I don’t have anything else to change? All is correct? Any help appreciated. Thanks Tom

Is it running Windows? What version of Windows?

Does Windows show any recording devices? (I don’t know how to get to the audio/devices/properties on a tablet… On a regular computer you right-click the speaker/volume icon.)

What “recording devices” do you have? Are you trying to record from the built-in microphone? …Streaming audio? …A USB audio device?

Thank you for your questions. In Edit/Preferences-- Host shows MME, PLAYBACK shows “Speakers” intel SST audio device, RECORDING DEVICE shows Microphone Blue USA, and the rate is 44100. Right clicking speakers shows the speakers. There’s obviously something screwy with this tablet I guess. I use Audacity on my desk tops every day. It is windows 10, Edge as the Browser but that shouldn’t have anything to do with it.