Assigning Macintosh Function Keys

Hi. Is there a way to assign Mac fn keys to tasks within Audacity 2.x?

I have previously used Keyboard Maestro to choose Audacity menu functions, e.g. Effects > Amplify… but that no longer works.

I’d like to be able to use F16 to F19 for tasks like Fade In, Fade Out, Amplify Selection and Export Selection, but Fn keys don’t seem to register when I go to Preferences > Keyboard.

Any ideas?

Bob Stuart
Think Data Pty Ltd

Assigning an effect to a shortcut key is an Audacity Product Request. There is one other oddity. Audacity runs cross platform, so it tends to really like keys that appear in Linux/Mac/Windows.


Thanks for the heads-up, Koz.

One thing that had me tricked was that using Command-1 to Zoom In and Command-3 to Zoom Out didn’t appear to work on upgrading to V2.x. On trying to reassign the key combo in Audacity’s Keyboard Prefs, I discovered that, unlike earlier versions, Command-KEYPAD 1 is NOT the same as Command-1.

Live and learn.

I look forward to that Feature Request being fulfilled. Fn Keys are way more convenient than drop-down menus.


There is a good chance that a future Audacity may get this functionality, it is being worked on by one of the developers. It actually exists in the current alpha version of Audacity for testing, but it is a Windows-only implementation right now - we are testing proof-of-concept. I have been working on the testing of this and find it an extremely useful tool already, particularly for managing the fade-ins/outs when doing LP transcriptions (to the extent that I would hate to lose it now).

It may not make it into the 2.0.1 release but it should make an imminently later release.