Assigning interface channels to tracks

The rig: Shure 58 mic / Focusrite Clarett 8pre USB / MacBook Pro OS 12.2.1 / Audacity 3.0.4

Task: Individually test all eight channels of the Clarett to make sure they all work.

So far I have:

  • recorded one track via Clarett channel 1.
  • created a second track.
  • plugged the mic into Clarett channel 2.


  • How do I assign Carett channel 2 to Audacity track 2?
  • How do I record on just one track — track 2 but not track 1?


Audacity does not have channel mapping.

The maximum number of channels that can be recorded at one time is determined by the device driver. If, for example, the device driver supports 4 channel recording, then Audacity can record up to 4 channels at the same time. If you set Audacity to record 3 channels from that device, then Audacity will create 3 mono tracks. The device’s first channel will be recorded to the first track, the second device channel to the second track, and the third channel to the third track.

Set Audacity to record 2 (or more) channels. The second recorded channel corresponds to the device’s second channel.
Note that when recording exactly 2 channels, Audacity will create a stereo track (first device channel at the top, second device channel below). If you prefer to have separate (mono) tracks for each channel, you can split the stereo track into mono channels after you have recorded. See:

Any unwanted tracks can be deleted by clicking the [X] in the top left corner of the track.

You can’t.
Record channels 1 & 2 (as a stereo track), then split the stereo track to 2 mono tracks, and delete the unused upper track.