Assign Record Level Meter to selectable channels


I just registered to this forum: Hello :slight_smile:

I have the opportunity to record 14 channels from my DJ Mixer (Rane MP2014). The main /master track (coming out of the dj mixer = cannot be changed) is on channel 5 and 6 (left / right). Not on channel 1 and 2.

It would be a nice feature if i could assign the Audacity recording level meter - that is displayed during a recording session - to other channels. In my case 5 and 6. At the moment only channel 1 and 2 are displayed constantly. When using my Rane MP2014 that means only one of two audio sources is displayed in the level meter. This means every second track (if i take turns between two turntables) is not displayed in the level meter during a recording session.

Since technology is changing and obviously not every recording source has their main track (master) on channel 1 and 2 it would be really helpful to add this feature (assign selectable channels to level meter) to future versions of Audacity.

Thank you.

I have logged your β€œvote” for this feature.