Assertion failure on Preferences

I am running Audacity 2.06 under Lubuntu/Mint 15.04 on a Yoga 2 Pro.
When I click Edit/Preferences, I get the error message Assertion Failure, and I cannot do anything.
What do I do? I purged and reinstalled audacity, but to no avail.

Where did that “2.06” come from? Do you mean 2.0.6? Is it a build of Audacity that is in the distribution’s repository?

If you can open Help > About Audacity…, look at the “Build Information” tab. If that build came from your distribution you should see that it is compiled with version 3 of wxWidgets. Unfortunately, 2.0.6 does not support that version of Widgets. Ubuntu knows that, but the end result is you will have all manner of problems, although the one you describe is not common.

I recommend you uninstall the “2.06” (whatever it is) then install this 2.1.1 PPA from That PPA is built properly with the supported wx2.8.12. I don’t know what you mean by “Lubuntu/Linux Mint 15.04” because the current Linux Mint 17 is based on Ubuntu 14.04 as far as I know, but install the PPA for the appropriate version(s) of Ubuntu.

See the instructions at for how to install the PPA.