Assertion Failure - Lastest PPA

When trying to Play audio on build 2.0.6+svn20150127+r9031+31~ubuntu14.10.1 I get the following assertion error.

…/src/gtk/clipbrd.cpp(71): assert “!ms_clipboard” failed in wxClipboardSync(): reentrancy in clipboard code

Audio plays but Audacity is no longer responsive to UI. Reproducible on all projects, and only occurs during attempts to playback, all other commands I use regularly work fine.

Audacity 2.0.5-2ubuntu2 runs as expected with no errors. Not sure if it is a bug in Audacity or some other dependancy.

I presume that you are aware that you are using an alpha version of Audacity? Alpha versions are only intended for testing and development - not for production work.

Do you have a back-trace for that?

Yes I do now that this is an Alpha version. Couldn’t find a better forum topic to post in as Linux is the enviroment I work in. For production I have Audacity 2.0.5-2ubuntu2.

Backtrace attached.
audacityBackTrace.txt (2.08 KB)

Thanks for the backtrace.
Could you have a look in “Help > About Audacity”. On the “Build Information” tab it should show which version of wxWidgets Audacity has been built with.

Update: It looks like they are using wxWidgets 3, which we do not yet officially support (though are likely to be switching from 2.8 to 3.x soon).
According to this page, the bug has been fixed in the latest Debian “Sid” branch, so it should be available in Ubuntu soon. (I think that Benjamin is the maintainer Audacity package maintainer for both Debian and Ubuntu).

You are correct. Thanks for the update. I’ve been following the PPA builds for a few years (curiosity) and this is the first time I’ve had a real issue.